What Not to Eat Before a Run

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In this video I tell you what not to eat before a run and what I normally eat before a run to give me energy and keep me hydrated.

Yikes, do not make my mistake and eat a bunless ground beef burger and cauliflower before a run. Last week I was able to run the 3 miles without stopping to walk. This time I had to walk every couple of minutes because I was feeling nauseous.

Eating the right pre-workout meal is very important! Here are some recommendations depending on if you are doing cardio in the AM or PM.

AM Cardio – Eat something light and hydrating. Like making a veggie smoothie with kale, banana, and coconut water. Don’t want to wake up your house by turning on your Vitamix? 1/2 of a bar or a piece of fruit will do the trick also. As I drive to where ever I’m doing cardio, I like to sip on tea which gets me warmed up and ready to rock my cardio session!

PM Cario – Most likely you are heading to work out after a long day at the office. So pack a piece of fruit and nuts or a bar. Make sure you eat this 1 hour before your workout so that you have time to digest it and get some energy from it. You can drink a meal replacement shake also, but make sure you drink it early enough so its not bouncing around in your stomach while you are doing cardio.

Comment below and share with me what you like to eat/drink before you do cardio.

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