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Are you a resident of Pacific Beacon or do you near 32nd Street base? If so, then keep reading! If not, scroll down on this page. I love working with Sailors that are trying to get stronger and make weight for their PFA. Working hard, exercising, and eating healthy can be tough when you are stressed out, doing it on your own, and don’t have a clear step-by-step program to follow.

When it is PRT season my schedule fills up, especially 6 weeks before your PRT. This is stressful for you and for me, because if you would have come and seen me 3 months before you PRT then I could have totally helped you to accomplish your goals of doing more pushups, running faster, and losing inches so you aren’t worried about getting someone who sucks at taping.

For ALL active military I will meet with you at The Beacon or on the phone to help you game plan before your next PRT. I only have 3 spots available each week so Apply Here and we will email you back if you are selected for this weeks PRT Game Plan Strategy Sessions.

Liz Cortes Pacific Beacon Personal Trainer

Are you looking for a Point Loma Personal Trainer? This is where my husband and I have lived for the past 4 years. I LOVE Point Loma. Liberty Station is great for finding healthy food and yummy happy hours. Sunset Cliffs is great for relaxing or getting a killer leg workout while jogging up Hill Street. OB is great for Bikini Beach Workouts. Shelter Island is fun for Paddle Boarding or Kayaking.

Then Fitabolize is awesome for climbing the stairs, jogging up the hill, and weight loss personal training. We’ve got lots of equipment to help Get Fit for your next event, wedding, summer swimsuit, or just so that you feel great no matter what your weight is right now.

Liz Cortes Coronado Island Personal Trainer

Personal Training Packages:

3 Sessions Per Week $540/month ($45/session)

2 Sessions Per Week $440/month ($55/session)

1 Session Per Week $260/month ($65/session)

I like to work with clients for a minimum of 3 months. You will created healthy fitness habits, learn proper form, and I’ll teach you why I choose specific exercises for you. If we work for just 1 month then that’s just a quick fix and most likely you will be come back to me later on once you’ve put back on the weight.

You probably noticed that you can’t just purchase personal training with me here on this page. I like to do a call first to learn about your goals, what you’ve tried in the past, what challenges you, and to ultimately see if we are a great fit. Apply Here and we will email you soon to get a call scheduled. I only work with 10 personal training clients at a time, but don’t worry even if I am totally booked up I’ll still do a call with you and give you some strategies for you to start applying in the mean time 🙂


Liz Cortes La Jolla Personal Trainer

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