Top Cleansing Foods That Are A Bit Weird

Wow, lately I’ve been on a cleansing kick for the past 3 weeks? Why you ask? Because I got the flu!!! Then it turned into this terrible cough! So I want to make sure that you stay healthy and happy this spring by cleansing your body. In my next blog post I will be sharing what helped me to FINALLY get rid of this cough. It is simple and when Christine at Sprout’s told me to do this I felt like I was having a BLONDE moment haha! So stay tuned on that one.

What do you do when you get sick? Drink lots of liquids and rest! Keep reading and check out a delicious recipe down below.

Top Cleansing Foods That Are A Bit Weird… In this video you will learn 3 foods that you wouldn’t normally think cleanse your body. If you want to be more product, clear, and healthier you’ve got to add these to your diet.

What did you think? I know some of these are really that weird and you probably already eat them. I called them weird because when I think of cleansing I these 3 aren’t the ones that just pop into my head.

So to review here are the Top Cleansing Foods That Are A Bit Weird:

1. Mung Beans – For thousands of years mung beans have been used for a variety of purposes. They are high in nutritional content, easy to digest, and absorbs toxic residue from the intestinal walls.

Keep reading because I will share with you 4 other benefits of Mung Beans besides being one of the top top cleansing foods.

If you have high cholesterol add these to your diet. They are low in cholesterol and high in fiber!

If you have breast cancer add these to your diet. These beans contain protease inhibitors that slow down the replication of certain cancer cells. What this means is these protease inhibitors will help with blocking and preventing the formation of new tumor cells.

If you are post-menopausal add these to your diet. These beans have isoflavone nutrients that help in the regulation of hormones and stimulate bone formation.

If you have diabetes add these to your diet. They are low glycemic which will help in regulating blood sugar levels and lots of other issues persons with diabetes have.

So I am sure that you or someone you know could benefit watching this video and reading this description, so please share it.

I’ve been getting lots of comments on my YouTube Channel saying that you’ve never heard of Mung Beans. Here is a link to one Bod’s Red Mill or get them in the bulk bins at Whole Foods or Sprout’s.

Here is a great recipe for Mung Bean Stew. YUM!

Ok, let’s get back into looking at the top cleansing foods.

2. Garlic – I love garlic and have it in almost every single meal of the day. stimulates the liver into producing detoxification enzymes.

There are lots more benefits of garlic. It enhances immune cell activity It also promotes heart health, has antioxidant properties, and helps maintain healthy blood circulation.

Garlic has allicin which is the chemical that is produced when it is chopped, chewed, or bruised. Allicin is an antibiotic and helps the body to inhibit the grow and reproduction of germs.

Now, you may be worried about garlic breath so just drink lemon juice or bite into a slice of lemon then say goodbye to garlic breath.

3. Omega-3 Oils – nuts, seeds, avocados, it will line your intestines so that everything can get cleared out.

Some other foods I didn’t recommend on the video is edamame, wild rice, and beans.

One of the interesting benefits of omega-3 is it reduces the symptoms of ADHD in some children and can improve their cognitive function.

It is important to have a balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Most likely you don’t have to supplement Omega-6 because it is all over the place in many oils, meats, and processed foods.


Try adding some of these this week. Let me know what detoxifying foods you love by commenting down below.


Live Healthy and Happy,

Liz Jones

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