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Are your muscles feeling tight from sitting all day or from doing BODYPUMP yesterday? Increase your flexibility by stretching 2 times this week. Stretching is the most overlooked exercise, but is one of the most important for keeping us agile as we get older. Yoga and Pilates promote flexibility, relaxation, and stress-reduction while building core endurance and strength. Here are some simple stretches for those chronically tight areas for you to do after your cardio and weight training workouts, so make sure you do this 2 times this week.


Foam rolling is amazing for stretching those chronically tight areas. Here are foam rolling exercise videos I made focusing on shoulders, back, and hip flexors.


Simple Stretches for after doing cardio.

Stretch before you go out for a run. Here are 8 stretches to do before you run.

To get the most out of stretching…

  • Always warm up before stretching.
  • Don’t lock out your joints.
  • Breathe deeply and stretch further with every exhale.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.


My favorite way to stretch is going to yoga. I go to 2-3 classes with different instructors each week so that my body gets stretched out in multiple ways. Yoga not only helps me to be stronger when lifting weight and run further, it helps me to relax and de-stress. I highly recommend going to yoga. How many time this week will you stretch?

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