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Liz’s Fitness Favs:

Here are a list of my top 9 favs in the areas of Exercise & Fitness, Nutrition & Diet, books on Cooking, Food, & Wine, and books on Fitness, Health, and Wellness.

1.   TRX – This is my fav for traveling! It comes in a little bad and you can hook it up to anything. I love to use this with my at home, beach, and park clients! It is perfect      for all ages and fitness levels. Seriously, I’ve taught TXR classes with a college athlete, a mom of 3, a marathon runner, and an 75 year-old woman who hasn’t worked out in years!

Watch this YouTube video on TRX Upper Body…this was Mallory’s first time to use a TRX and she did an awesome job demonstrating! If you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get my fitness and nutrition videos immediately.

2.   Cycling Stuff – I love teaching SPINNING and these are my top 3 must haves! When I first started taking classes I would bring a towel, tennis shoes, and a water bottle. I still remember when I bought my first pair of cycling shoes…wow, it made a HUGE difference in my ride. Rather than using primarily my quads to pedal, I was able to activate my hamstrings and glutes without feeling like my feet were going to fall out of the straps. Next, I bought a heart rate monitor. I thought that I worked out REALLY hard because I was sweating, but my new heart rate monitor told me the truth every workout. Before I used how I was “feeling” to gage my ride, but now I could do heart rate training and track my progress of each ride plus my overall work for that week. This last one was a gift from my mom…a filtering water bottle! What an amazing present. I would bring 2-4 water bottles to the gym each day depending on how many classes I was teaching. Now, I just use the water fountain and then my water gets filtered as I use the straw. AWESOME!!! Now, I don’t have to drink that gross contaminated tap water 🙂

Here is a link to the cycling store where I buy my cycling stuff…there are local stores in SD however there are better deals online!

Performance Bike Logo

Liz’s Nutrition Favs:

1.   Cooking Light Magazine – Growing up my mom did semi-homemade cooking. She would dress up Costco food with fresh veggies. In high school I got this magazine as a gift and now you get to see all my creations on Instagram! Cooking Lights is amazing because you get to learn about different cooking styles and techniques. Each month you get to try lots of delicious healthy food. Since I have food allergies it is easy to make substitutions to the recipes and some times Cooking Light tells you how to substitute as well. Whether you are advanced or just beginning read this while you get your cario in and learn how to make your meals taste even more delicious!

2.   Vitamix – This is my fav bday gift from my dad and husband! Growing up I used my mom’s Vitamix and loved it for my shakes, however when I moved out I was not given the Vitamix! So for 4 years this was on my list of appliances I really wanted. Each year I would kill at least 1 blender so it was costing me $100 to $150. Now, I have a 10 year warranty and use my Vitamix for every meal I cook, for every veggie smoothie, and for making nut butters/milks/flours!




Liz’s Weight Loss Favs:


Do you have an iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or Windows phone? If so, MyFitnessPal has a FREE app that will help you track your daily fitness and nutrition. The best part about this app is that you Fitabolize Coach can log on an look at your fitness and nutrition journal anytime then give you feedback. You can also manage your account online at


If apps and online websites are a hassel or you forget to log in for weeks at a time then lets check out another option. FitBook, the personalized, flexible, and functional fitness + nutrition journal that offers a unique 12-week system to plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals.


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