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Workouts getting a little blah? Register for an athletic event that benefits a charity. All too often a workout routine turns into a workout rut. But training for an athletic event changes that, you’re motivated by a specific goal that inspires you to workout more often, train harder, and contribute to a great cause. Are you thinking to yourself, “I don’t know what event to do” or “How do I train for an event”, these resources will empower you to succeed no matter what thoughts are going through your head.


Why should I sign up for an athletic event?

  • Gives you a big goal to train for that is on a specific date.
  • Gives you a weekly plan and daily actions to take to accomplish this goal.
  • Creates a new community of friends into fitness that are training for the same event.

Here are 5 Athletic Events that Benefit Charities:

  • Running a 5K, ½, or marathon
  • Train for a Tri
  • Obstical course like Tough Mudder or Spartan Race
  • Club Sports
  • Competition like Bodybuilding, Bikini, CrossFit, or StrongMan

What athletic events have you trained for or want to train for? Share with us on Facebook or comment below.

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