Analyze My Nutrition 

Are these questions going through your head? “How many calories, protein, carbs, or fat should I eat? I eat healthy and exercise, but why can’t I lose weight? I want to gain muscle mass, but I is it not working”? If these questions go through your head then have a Fitabolize Nutritionist analyze your nutrition program.


Analyze My Nutrition Includes:

Analyze My Nutrition $47


Customized Nutrition Program

When I was in high school and college, I thought that I ate healthy. I was super busy and on the go from 5AM to 10PM everyday and followed whatever HOT crash diet was popular, but I never accomplished my goals even when I was competing competitively. I wish that I had a nutrition coach to guide me along my healthy living journey. I am so grateful for my background of Exercise Science and Nutrition & Dietetics. By getting these 2 degrees along with the certification and classes I’ve taken since, I can now ask the right question in a 30-min fitness consultation to figure out exactly what you are struggling with and how I can empower you to reach your goals.

As I’m sure you have noticed it is very challenging to complete a 3-month program on your own. I know that I have signed up for many but did not have successful support and accountability structures in place so that I could successfully accomplish my goals. So I suggest doing the 3-Month Customized Nutrition Program becasue you get me as your nutrition coach. Now, I know this doesn’t work for everyone so that is why I have a 1-Month option for those of you who have less than 1-Month to accomplish your goal.

How long will it take you to accomplish your goals? 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, or 12 Months? On average it takes 3 months to create new healthy habits. During the first month clients do awesome because their willpower is keeping them strong. However, during months 2-3 gets a bit more challenging. You are seeing great results so you feel like you can reward yourself with food… So during months 2-3 we dive into discovering and deleting unhealthy habits then upgrading to healthy habits.


Customized Nutrition Program Includes:


1-Month Customized Nutrition Program $247


3-Month Customized Nutrition Program $597 ($150 savings)

- culinary lessons

Pantry/Spice Cabinet Makeover OR Frig/Freeze Makeover

So you have been trying to eat healthy but are not getting the results you want or you have hit a plateau and want to make some healthy upgrades to your nutrition. The first step of creating a healthy home is with what is in your kitchen. You get me as your personal healthy home coach for 3 hours. So what’s included?

We will go grocery shopping to your favorite store and I’ll teach you how to upgrade to healthier choices.

This can be done in person for locals or over Skype or phone for long distance.


Pantry/Spice Cabinet Makeover $299


Frig/Freeze Makeover $299

Ultimate Kitchen Detox

You get the best of both in this Ultimate Kitchen Detox. Ready to live healthy and happy by eating clean, after this you will have the knowledge to create a healthy kitchen. You get me as your personal healthy home coach for 6 hours. This can be done in one day or split up in two.

Total price for this Ultimate Combo, only $499, you save $100!


Ultimate Kitchen Detox $499

I design these programs based on your dietary needs and goals. They are based on your current age, weight, gender, physique, medical history, work/school schedule, food likes/dislikes, and much more.

I believe that the #1 reason people give up so quickly on most fitness and nutrition programs is because they lose motivation and have a lack accountability in their life. Therefore, I create programs that lead you to lifelong healthy habits which is the key to keeping you on track because I am your personal nutrition coach.

Anything that I tell you to do, we are doing the same thing. All Fitabolize Trainers and Nutrition Coaches live healthy lifestyles and balanced lives.


I look forward to empowering you to accomplish your goals!


Live Healthy and Happy,

Liz Jones




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