Nutrition Coach Liz Cortes – You Shook The Car Means I’m Fat

Have you had someone make a comment then you totally shift your personality or life so that you never have to hear someone say that every again? This has happened to me many times. These comment were good and not so good but they did shape my life.

It is insane how we can take a comment that someones says then alter the meaning then have it shift our life course.

In this video, Nutrition Coach Liz Cortes – You Shook The Car Means I’m Fat is a comment that I was told. Watch this video and learn how I turn the negative into positive. As you watch this video think about the comments people have told you and how they altered your life.

I know! How crazy is it that I (Nutrition Coach Liz Cortes) turned someone saying, “you shook the car” into “you are fat” then started focusing on not getting “fatter”. Now, that I think back it is crazy that I was on crash diet after crash diet through high school and college. However, by trying out all of those diets I learn that they don’t work so this helped me to get a second degree in Nutrition and Dietetics so I could learn about proper nutrition for myself and my clients.

I’m so thankful that I figured out how to have balance with fitness too. Back in high school, I would go to the gym at 5:30AM, go to track practice, then coach gymnastics then when I was training with my trainer I would workout again. Can you say OVER-TRAINING? No wonder I would get injured 1-2 times per year and had major joint pain starting when I was 15. I turned these experiences into a positive for myself and clients. I know how to see over-training and stress way ahead of time then make sure that my clients live a balanced life.

If you are reading this blog now, I’m sure that you are wanting to lose weight. I encourage you to take a look at why you are wanting to lose weight. Is is because someone made a comment to you or is it because you want to feel fit and fabulously healthy every day? Leave me a comment below.

Live Healthy and Happy,

Nutrition Coach Liz Cortes

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