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I know that you want to Lose Weight Really Fast This Week. You may have a hot date, wedding, or have to wear a swim suit. These special events can be so stressful especially if you are not feel your best confident self. I’ve been there too…jean fitting a bit snug or the zipper on my dress gets stuck. If you are tired of feeling this way you have to watch this video. These 3 Must Dos are what most people aren’t doing. If you do these 3 Must Dos you will lose weight really fast this week. It really works! This past week I had a new client lose 4 lbs by doing these 3 Must Dos.

In this video I will tell you 3 Ways to Lose Weight Really Fast This Week!



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Ok, so let’s review…

1. Lose Weight Really Fast This Week By Preparing Your Own Meals

When you prepare your own meals at home, you are in control of what you are eating. You get to choose which protein, veggies, and condiments go on your food. However, if you go out to eat a lot then then you are eating whatever the restaurant has chosen to serve you. You are getting a lot more processed, canned, and packaged foods. These foods will not help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

2. Lose Weight Really Fast This Week By Following Portion Sizes

You may think you are eating the right portion size, however when you go out to eat you get giant huge portions. My husband and I will order a main dish and salad then share the two so that we do not over eat.

If you are buying prepackaged meals in a box or can, the servings size can be very misleading. I looked at a serving size the other day and it said 2.3 servings. Really? How am I supposed to measure that? Most of the time we just eat the whole thing verse following the serving size.

I have lots of measuring cups so I put them in the bulk containers of staples that I buy so that I always follow the correct serving size.

I keep talking about “the right serving size”, but what is that exactly? For carbohydrates eat 25g/meal, lean protein 4-6 oz/meal, and healthy fats 1/4 avocado or 0.5 oz nuts. Most likely you aren’t following this. So cut back a bit and load up more on veggies. You will see a HUGE difference.

3. Lose Weight Really Fast This Week By Increasing Your Fiber Intake

Most of us  do not get enough fiber. I make a giant veggie smoothie every morning and have veggies with every meal. I also like to throw an extra scoop of fiber into my veggie smoothie in the AM. Fiber will help cleanse your body, lose the bloat, and lose weight really fast.

If you eat a carb loaded and fatty meal…load up on lots of fiber the next day. You will feel so much better by cleansing your body from that gunk!

Are you doing these 3 things? Most people who are trying to lose weight really fast are skipping meals, going to the steam room, and eating pre-packaged foods. Seriously, if you switch those 3 to the 3 that I recommend you will see quick weight loss results this week.

I would love to hear how it goes for you. So comment below and let me know if it worked!

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