How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Again

Motivation is the number one challenge women shared during the free Get Fit Sessions I did over the past 2 weeks. I had everyone apply and fill out a questionnaire then I choose 17 women for a 1-on-1 called.


Can you relate to feeling like this? Here are some of the things they said before asking me how to get motivated to lose weight again.


              “I had lost the weight and now put on 12 lbs and am not motivated like I had been.”


              “I can’t get back [to my goal weight] and have lost my motivation.”


             “I am at my highest weight ever. I’m always comparing myself to other women which just makes me more depressed.”


             “I am dealing with a lot of obstacles right now and finding it very difficult to get motivated, I need to especially for      health reasons”.


             “I would like to lose the muffin top and have some killer arms.I’ve always had thunder thighs and have just sort of given up in that aspect and come to accept it as part of my hourglass shape”.


I am happy to say that woohoo, during those 17 hours of giving my time, knowledge, and encouragement to these women, all 17 felt way more motivated. They no longer had the question, they know exactly how to get motivated to lose weight and what they next best step was to get their.


In this video I share some of the tips I shared with these ladies on how to get motivated to lose weight.


When you lack of motivation, just show up anyway. Here are some examples of how to show up and just do it. Answer them for yourself.

  1. Is it easier to buy gym membership or show up and start working out at the gym?

  2. Is it easier to fill out application for a Get Fit Session or show up to it and take notes from a coach?

  3. Is it easier to buy healthy food actually or to meal prep them instead of go out to eat?


It isn’t about choosing which one is easier when it comes to figuring out how to get motivated to lose weight. You’ve got the choose which option that will take you quickest to your goals. Did you know that 4 out of 5 people that have gym membership don’t use them? Crazy!! I know!


Another thing I shared when talking to these ladies about how to get motivated to lose weight is that you’ve got to hire a coach to motivate you. As I think back to the coaches that I had with sports and the ones that I hired after college for my health or business, one quality they all had in common is they know how to step by step get me to my goals. I didn’t have to go online, google, then try to figure it out on my own, they knew the answers and knew when to reveal the keys to the kingdom so that I’d have success.


At anytime I have 2-3 coaches for the different areas that I’m working on, fitness, marriage, relationship with God, eating paleo, business, juicing, ect.


Bottom line, you’ve got to have integrity. That means honoring your word. So if you say that you want to lose weight this week by working out 5 times at the gym and eating healthy meals then here are some strategies to help you make that happen.


  1. Pack your gym bag night before so that when you wake up in the morning you’ve just got to roll out of bed, brush your teeth, and drive over to the gym. Or if you workout after work then it is packed with everything you need instead of getting to the gym and realizing you left your socks or sports bar at home. HAHA yeah we’ve all seen those people at the gym that forgot something. But hey, at least they are working out! RIght?

  2. Plan to go to the gym with a buddy. Having a workout buddy is a great way to be accountable to someone. Neither one of you wants to let down the other so your chances of working out consistently goes up a ton. Just make sure you choose someone who has integrity and encourages you with how to get motivated to lose weight.

  3. Set up structures so you have fun with meals and new recipes. Every season there are new fruits and veggies that show up at the Farmer’s Market, Co-Op, or at Whole Foods. When I go into the store I ALWAYS have a shopping list so that I don’t buy too little or too much of the recipes that I’m cooking. When I see something that I’m not sure how to cook or eat it then I’ll google “paleo and whatever the interesting fruit or veggie” then find a recipe to try out. Now, it is very tough to find fruits or veggies that I haven’t tried yet.

  4. If you just don’t have the time to shop and cook but still want to eat healthy then hire a private chef or healthy food delivery business. Lately here in San Diego, California these two businesses are becoming very popular for busy professionals and busy moms who are on the go all the time. I love to support Local Businesses so I enjoy trying them out too even though I’ve made it a habit to cook 90% of my food at home from scratch.

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Wow, I mean to write just a little extra to go with my video but there you go, more awesome tips on how to get motivated to lose weight again. I’d love to hear from you know so leave me a comment, question, or concern below. Many times when you ask me a question I get inspired to make a video response.


Keep living healthy and happy to create the BEST version of you!


Liz Cortes


Liz Cortes

Liz Cortes

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