My Fitness

Frustrated that you aren’t getting that fit body you desire?

A Customized Fitness Program is exactly what you need to accomplish your goals. I love going to group exercises classes, but that can only get you so far. These classes are designed for the masses…ages 15-75 men and women. You will accomplish your goals quicker with a customized fitness program. Stop going to the gym and randomly choosing which exercises to do. It is time to know exactly how many reps to do, which exercises to do, and in what order to get the best results. Get in the best shape of your life this year!

You are welcome to come to my free classes at 24 Hour Fitness or if you are military join me at Pacific Beacon on Tuesdays for Yoga and Wednesdays for High Intensity Interval Training and Abs.

If you are looking for a weight loss personal trainer, then you first step is to schedule a complementary 45 minutes Get Fit Strategy Session with me. We will go over your goals, challenges, I will give you strategies then if it looks like we will be a good fit then we will go over packages for the last 5 minutes.

I train clients here in Point Loma or for military at Pacific Beacon. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you get stronger and lose weight for your next PFA, wedding, or to help you get more energy so you can be your best in business.