Here is My Mission and How I Became so Passionate About Coaching

Hi friend,

Today I want to share my mission with you and how I became so passionate about coaching! My mission is to empower people to live healthy through fitness, nutrition, and weight loss. Right now I am the Fitness Expert in the 90-day online marketing program with Mia Davies. I’m also doing the program and each week part of our homework is to create videos. I love watching videos, because sometimes I just don’t have time to read long blogs or articles!  I’m so used to teaching about fitness, nutrition, and weight loss that when we had to make videos that were more personal it was very challenging. Now, after doing 8 I’m getting the hang of it and I’m not as scared of being real.

I’m passionate about coaching! This passion started very young and was natural. Here I was waiting for my gymnastic class to start and the instructor didn’t show up, so I said I’ll teach the class. At age 14, I taught my first gymnastics class and job a job that day. We all have talents and God-given gifts. Are you using yours to empower others?

My 90-day vision statement is “I am so happy and empowered now that I’ve created two of my own online products, have 100 weight loss testimonials, and have my husband quit his GM job. Share with me yours down below… “I am so ____ and ___ now that ___”.


So what do you think? Do you agree with me? If so then let me know by commenting.

Live Healthy and Happy,

Liz Jones

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Liz Cortes

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