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Should I do a Get Fit Session with Liz Cortes? Should I hire a weight loss personal trainer or a San Diego nutrition coach even if I’m not 100% motivated right now? You can get fit without spending hours in the gym. You can get fed with healthy food that fuels you. You can get results by following my specific Get Fit Formula.

If you’ve been doing the same routine for the past month or have hit a plateau then I’d love to have a chat with you.

Each week I get messages like these… 

“I am in serious need of motivation. I was so close to my goal and it slipped away a little. I have about 7lbs to lose now. I am motivated with exercise most of the time but I seem to have entirely lost my will power. I have a ten month old and I am tired. Please motivate me!”


“Hey Any tips on toning up I’m a size 12 and just had a baby. My whole body is like jelly!”


“I don’t think I will ever be able to be healthy! I start healthy eating and exercise, it lasts about 1 week, I get fab results and then go back to eating crap I think the only answer is surgery but your page is fab and I do try x”


I understand how you feel ladies! I’ve been there too. Life gets busy and I get off focus on my health goals then I’m asking myself, “how’d this 5 pounds creep back on”?

Love Yourself Enough Fitabolize

There is hope for you my friend. We’ve got to put the FUN back into fitness, nutrition, getting stronger, and losing weight. Or maybe you need me to give you a special challenge to kick you in the booty and get moving. Life is short and I don’t want you to spend another minute sitting here worrying about “do I look fat in this?”, “why am I not motivated?”, or “why does nothing I try work”?

During our 45 Minute Get Fit Strategy Session you will discover:

  • What your true goals are underneath the number of pounds you want to lose.
  • We will dream and imagine what life would look like after you achieve your ultimate goal. This is a powerful tool that athletes use that I’ll teach the process to you.
  • We will uncover those challenges that keep making you fail and I’ll share with you some strategies to overcome your top 2 challenges.
  • Finally, in the last 5 minutes I’ll share my recommendations on what your next best step is to accomplish your goals.

Here are some of my awesome testimonials. These aren’t all clients of mine, some where just this 45 minute Get Fit Strategy Session and discovered so much that they wanted to leave me a 5 star review online.

Fitabolize Google Plus Reviews

Fitabolize Google Plus Reviews



Fitabolize Yelp Reviews

Fitabolize Yelp Reviews


This 45 Minute Get Fit Strategy Session is $97 to reserve your spot. I will refund this after we complete our call. I want to only chat with ladies who are serious about discovering what’s not working then letting me help you with putting a plan of action together. Both of our time is very valuable and I want to respect it.


Remember this $97 will be refunded when you show up for our call or Skype. If you aren’t ready or don’t have $97 right now, stay connected with me on social media and here on my blog. I pray that what I write helps keep you motivated!


For everyone else…yeah, I’m excited to connect with you on your Get Fit Strategy Session. I know that this year with some step by step guidance, weekly encouragement, and more FUN you will achieve your goals!


If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below or send me an email


Live Healthy and Happy,

Liz 🙂

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