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This is the time of the year when we are traveling lots! I planning a head for healthy traveling to Hawaii in May, Flordia in January, and Albuquerque in December. It is so much fun to travel to see family and friends for the holidays, however to stick with your fitness and nutrition program that takes some planning ahead. Today I will share with you my fit travel success strategies so that you can stay healthy during the holidays.


Fit Travel Strategy #1: Keeping up with your fitness routine in just 30 minutes


Get a workout buddy and schedule your fitness for the week every Sunday.


Another great way to quickly work out is to do a 15 min HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), then run for 15 min. During your HIIT workout, get up to 85% of your max HR and exercise at least 2 muscle groups at the same time.


One of my FAV ways to personal train my clients with HIIT is with the TRX. Just like the photo below says, “Gym In A Bag”… not only is it great for an at home workout, you can take it everywhere and anywhere. When I travel to Albuquerque, NM to visit my family I bring mine. Most of my online fitness and nutrition clients out there have a TRX of their own so I’ll send out a text and have them meet me at the park for a group TRX bootcamp so I get my workout in and they get a workout with me in person. So much FUN!


Here are some YouTube videos of some of my FAV upper body exercises. When you buy your TRX for yourself or for a Christmas present, you can get TRX DVDs that have awesome workouts and music too! Getting the RIP trainer is on my Christmas list wink wink…


Fit Travel Strategy #2: Helpful routines fitness and traveling


Do your research! Make sure your hotel has a gym. Lately all of the hotels that I’ve been going to have a great hotel gym with cardio machines, free weigths, machines, and even ZUMBA classes. This makes it easy to stick with your normal workout routine. I love trying out new gyms. I know they have the same equipment but working out in a new place can be so inspiring.


No hotel gym? No problem. Check to see if there a local branch of the gym you belong to near by. I go to 24 Hour Fitness and no matter where I go they have my information in the computer. I also go to Gold’s Gym so if I am traveling to a place that doesn’t have 24 Hour Fitness then before I leave I go to Gold’s to get a 2-wk travel pass. Gold’s Gym doesn’t have a giant database of everyone’s information because each one is privately owned. This also goes for World’s Gym and any gym that isn’t corporately owned. So again do your research.


Maybe you are traveling across the US or to another country or maybe you got stuck with a layover. Do an airport workout. Airport gyms are popping up in the international airports. This is great for people who work for the airlines and for people who are traveling lots. Flying can take a toll on your body so getting up and moving will help with blood flow, circulations, and de-stressing.


Finally, if none of the above work for you, you can turn your families furniture into a gym. Use a chair for dips or put your feet up on the chair and do decline pushups. So many possibilities and at home workouts on YouTube.


Let me know that you read this by commenting down below and sharing with me your fit travel success strategies.
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