Finding Your Purpose In Life By Discovering Your Unique Design With Rebecca Keselburg

Are you wondering about finding your purpose in life? For my whole life my identity and how I viewed myself was from my accomplishments. My accomplishments with my knowledge through school, trainings, coaches, and mentors I’ve worked with were what was so important to me and I felt like that is who I was.

If you asked me who I am then I’d say I am a weight loss personal trainer, nutrition coach, I have two degrees, the first a B.Sc. Exercise Science and the second a B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics, I live in San Diego, have ocean views from my home, an online fitness coaching business, I’m married, I serve in multiple ministries at The Rock Church, I’m a contractor at the NAVY.

However, having to keep accomplishing more and more but still not being happy is what made me really interested in learning my strengths, spiritual gifts, personality, and disposition for ministry. So it was awesome that a year ago while attending a leadership membership training at our church we took these online tests to learn about these areas.

I learned about myself, my hubby, my clients, and even my friends as I shared these online tests with them. Through that training at my church I also learned that sometimes we don’t fit in doing a certain role in work, business, or ministry because God didn’t design us that way. We are all designed unique and when you learn about your identity in Christ then layer in everything else, WOOHOO finding your purpose in life is possible.

Now, I’m not saying that God will show you right at that exact moment and maybe He has you going through a trial right now to help build you stronger so you are prepared for your purpose but know that He made you unique and when you see yourself the way He sees you then you will make that difference in life that you are desiring to make.

I’m so excited to share this with you! I interviewed Rebecca Keselburg founder of Inspiring Your Shine and creator of Possess Your Promised Land Coaching Series. She is a mom, wife, business owner, woman of God, and helps women discover their unique design, to maximize on their strengths and to stop sabotaging their own success.

Once I realized how I was uniquely designed; my body, my habits, my passions, and my gifts it changed everything for me as a wife, entrepreneur, and a friend.

We will cover all of this on the interview replay and Rebecca even has a bonus training for those who stay on until the very end 🙂 I’ll give you a hint, all those tests I talked about…she will share with you the names of all of them.


Live Healthy and Happy,

Liz Cortes


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Liz Cortes

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