Encourage someone you care about to get fit

Hi fitness friend,

Pass it on and encourage someone you care about to get fit. Would you like to see someone whom you care about embrace fitness? Go for it, partner up for the next 90-days! It’s easy to correct negative behaviors, but how do we go about making positive suggestions without criticizing someone lifestyle choices?

Here are some tips to help someone you care about get fit:

  • Be their role model
  • Point them in the right direction
  • Be understanding
  • Begin with small suggestions
  • Tell them that you are with them till they reach their goal

Out of these 5 tips, I’d say being the role model is most important. My friends and family know that I eat healthy and exercise no matter what. They are sweet and know that if they invite me over for dinner then they’ve got to change how they cook the dishes to fit my healthy lifestyle. Whenever I go to a potluck I bring an interesting dish so that others can try something healthy that tastes amazing. Also, posting what you are eating on Facebook or Instagram is a great way for people to see what you are doing to live healthy then they will see you as a role model.

Keep it up. If there is someone that you really really really really want to help get healthy but no matter what you do, they just won’t listen. Bring in the professionals. My husband lost 120 lbs with me when we were dating, but there came a time that he had to get another trainer because he needed someone else to tell him what to do, not me. Finally my last piece of wisdom, be patient. It took my dad 3 years to finally to do Fitabolize Fit in 5. He lost the weight just in time for my wedding after hundreds of conversations about getting healthy.

Comment below with any tips for others who are having a tough time helping someone get fit or share about your success with this.

Live Healthy and Happy,

Liz Jones

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Liz Cortes

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