Do weight training 2 times this week

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Increase your strength and do weight training 2 times this week. In your fitness plan be sure to dedicate balance between keeping your body healthy and injury free while utilizing every muscle group. If it has been a couple of months since you lifted weights, watch out for overdoing it, but if you don’t finish your weight training sessions feeling sweaty, fatigued, and invigorated, you probably aren’t working out at your full potential. Weight training beginner to CrossFit enthusiast, here are the simple facts about weight training and how to change up your current routine to get better results.


Current fitness level and weight training time…

If you are an active person, beginning a weight training program will be less of a challenge than if you are totally out of shape. If you are actively playing sports, then start by lifting weights for 35 minutes 2 times this week. If you are not in shape, start with 20 minutes and you will quickly be able to move to 35 minutes within the next month. Make sure to pace yourself to prevent injury. Give your muscles time to warm-up (15 min on cardio equipment) and cool-down (5-10 min stretching).

Reps, Sets, and Giants Oh, My!

Rep – The number of times you do the exercise.

Set – The number of times you do the group of reps.

Giant – is a circuit of 4 or more exercises that you do in a row without taking a break. This is great for people wanting to lose weight.

Stick to these reps if you want to…

  • Lose Weight – 15-25 reps
  • Gain Muscle – 8-12 reps
  • Get Stronger – 3-5 reps (make sure you have a spotter!!!)

How often should I change my workout?

Change it every 6 weeks! Muscle confusion is the key to getting quick results. If you haven’t changed your workout in a while contact me and I will do a FREE 30 Minute Fitness Consultation with you. Tell me your goals and what you are currently doing then I tell you what is missing then I will tell you what to workout 2 times this week.

If you have any exercise questions leave me a comment and I will film a video for you!

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Liz Cortes

Liz Cortes

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