Comic Con San Diego 2013, Besides Water This Will Hydrate You

Staying hydrated is so important. Just like the world is two thirds water, so is your body. Your body depends on water for survival and to feel your best. Every cell, tissue, and organ needs water to function. When you go to the bathroom, sweat, or breathe you lose water so you’ve got to replenish it. When the weather is hot, you exercise, or drink caffeine you lose water even faster.

Now, I know that drinking plain water can be super boring, but it is essential for your health.

I just learned about Aloe Water the other day. My friend had it in her water bottle at yoga. I haven’t tried it yet, but she told me that it has TONS of amazing hydration and healing benefits.

If you have tried aloe water, comment down below to share with me how you use it. I hear that it tastes gross…

Watch the video below Comic Con San Diego 2013, Besides Water This Will Hydrate You.

Q: Besides water, is there anything else we should/could be drinking to keep us hydrated?

How exciting…you are going to Comic Con San Diego 2013!

Hmmm, water is the best thing to drink for hydration, but unsweetened Coconut water is another great for hydration. Sprouts and Whole Foods small containers so as you drink them you lighten the load in your bag. Most people think were educated to drink Gatorade, an electrolyte sports drink for hydration however it is loaded with sugar and salt which will slow you down and actually dehydrate you.

Megan Gotch is the founder of The Nerdy Girlie blog site. Her nerdiness came on at a young age when she received an NES for Christmas. It then became full blown upon her first trip to San Diego Comic Con in 2009. Each year she eagerly awaits the Con and her fan girl list continues to grow. Megan enjoys TV, photography, writing and ballet. Her nerd crush is Zachary Levi and her current obsession is Doctor Who. She lives in San Diego and hopes to never leave.

Comment below and share with me what helps you stay hydrated?

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