Comic Con International 2013, Save Money Eating Out

How much do you spend per week eating out? $5 at Starbucks plus $10 at Subway plus $15 at Happy Hour equals $30 per day eating out. That is $210 per week, $840 per month, and $10K per year! YIKES, it is crazy how it can add up.

I used to love to watch Rachel Ray $40 a Day. She traveled all around the world and would eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for less than $40. Now, she had a whole team helping her stay under $40. I know that when I travel I have a tough time finding food that is clean and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

In the following video, Comic Con International 2013, Save Money Eating Out I will tell you how to eat healthy while eating out.

Q: Almost everyone at SDCC will be eating out 2 or even 3 meals a day, what are some tips on eating right in a restaurant?  Do you have any suggestions for Gaslamp or Downtown eateries?

Comic Con International 2013 – Breakfast Tips

Breakfast – Make breakfast your biggest meal of the day. Fill up on protein…veggie omelet or quiche will fuel your body and will repair your sore muscles from walking around the day before. Many hotels give you breakfast however, watch out for the sugary carbs because they will slow you down. If you are running late and don’t have time to eat breakfast, add milk or soymilk to your coffee to give you some extra protein and grab a piece of fruit.

Comic Con International 2013 – LunchTip

Lunch – Make lunch your second biggest meal of the day. Choose a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread with a side salad. You will be able to find this at pretty much every restaurant. But since you are in San Diego, try Yellow Tail fish tacos. They are the bomb! The closest place to find them by the Convention Center is at Tin Fish, however they are normally packed out so you may have to wait a bit for a table.

Comic Con International 2013 – Dinner Tip

Dinner – Make dinner your smallest meal of the day then have a little snack from the list above a few hours later. The day is almost over so eating a giant meal will just slow you down the following day. Choose a salad with protein like fish, chicken, or steak and 1 carb for the meal that means an alcoholic drink, french fries, bread, or dessert. By choosing 1 you will not have a carb attack that will make you sluggish and tired. There are so many delicious restaurants in Gas Lamp. I suggest using YELP to find restaurants in your price range and that have the food you are craving. YELP or FourSquare will also tell you which places have deals where you can get a discount or something free with your meal.

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