Comic Con Costumes, 3 Healthy Tips to Look and Feel Great

I’ve had so much fun being a guest blogger and creating this mini series on being healthy at Comic Con! I know that it is just 2 months away but I’m so excited to meet some of y’all that have reached out and became my client from watching my YouTube videos and reading my blog posts.

Now, you may be stressing a bit about your Comic Con Costumes because you haven’t been eating the best or exercising that much lately. Not to worry, there is still time to drop 20 lbs the healthy way. We still have room in Fitabolize Fit in 5 this month. So stop procrastinating and just do it!

Anyway, enough ranting!!!

Watch this video Comic Con Costumes, 3 Healthy Tips to Look and Feel Great.

Q: Any last tips to help attendees have a healthy SDCC?


Comic Con Costumes Tip #1…

Stretch – Each morning and evening take 5 min to stretch or do yoga. You can find a bunch of YouTube videos with Sun Salutation A and B poses. With all the walking around your body will be achy and sore. I know when I go to big events I don’t feel like working out so stretching or doing yoga is best.

Comic Con Costumes Tip #2…

Wear comfortable shoes! – The worst thing to do is to wear a new pair of shoes and get blisters on day 1. I suggest wearing tennis shoes. I know that you are in San Diego so everyone wears flip flops but there are a ton of people and watch out from getting your feet stepped on.

Comic Con Costumes Tip #3…

Enjoy the Moment – This is a super fun event so enjoy every moment with your friends and family. Have your camera ready at all times so you can capture a quick pic or video. Last year, I met new friends and had fun taking pics with people in super elaborate costumes.

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Megan Gotch is the founder of The Nerdy Girlie blog site. Her nerdiness came on at a young age when she received an NES for Christmas. It then became full blown upon her first trip to San Diego Comic Con in 2009. Each year she eagerly awaits the Con and her fan girl list continues to grow. Megan enjoys TV, photography, writing and ballet. Her nerd crush is Zachary Levi and her current obsession is Doctor Who. She lives in San Diego and hopes to never leave.


Comment below and tell me what part of Comic Con you are most excited about. If you aren’t going then comment below and ask me a Q on fitness, nutrition, or weight loss.


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