I get it. So many opinions, and options are overwhelming.

Be Bold For Better Health

Encourage someone you care about to get fit

Pass it on and encourage someone you care about to get fit. Would you like to see someone whom you care about embrace fitness? Go for it, partner up for the next 90-days! It’s easy to correct negative behaviors, but how do we go about making positive suggestions without criticizing someone lifestyle choices?

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Do an outdoor activity

Do an outdoor activity this week. The Great Outdoors is fantastic for having fun if you get a bit creative. It does help if it is a warm and sunny day, but there are still plenty of fun things to do in the winter.

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Sign-up for a free week pass

It is important to make fitness part of your daily routine, that’s why it is important that you find a workout you enjoy. So this week sign-up for a free week pass. It’s always a good idea to try something new to avoid a fitness plateau. Switch it up and challenge yourself! A new workout will confuse your muscles and engage your mind, plus you might even have fun doing something different! Here are some new workouts to try and questions to ask when starting a new workout.

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