I get it. So many opinions, and options are overwhelming.

Be Bold For Better Health

Register for an athletic event

Register for an athletic event that benefits a charity. All too often a workout routine turns into a workout rut. But training for an athletic event changes that, you’re motivated by a specific goal that inspires you to workout more often, train harder, and contribute to a great cause.

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Sweat for 15 Minutes Per Day

Sweat for 15 minutes per day. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise, you will feel much better to hear what was seen from this study. Daily workouts increase life expectancy by three years when compared to those who didn’t exercise. Now who wouldn’t dedicate 15 min a day if they could live longer? From sex to walking your dog, here are 25 ways to sweat for 15 minutes.

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Create A Fitness Vision Board

This week create a fitness vision board. Now, before you start pinning or cutting out pictures, sit quietly and set the intent. Be open and ask yourself what is it you want for yourself and your fitness goals? Images and words will come to your head, but ask yourself this question 5 more times so that you can more clearly create your vision.

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Find a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy increases weight loss and motivation. When choosing a workout buddy keep this in mind; the exercise type, their fitness level, their skill level, and is this a friend or acquaintance that you won’t back out on no matter what? Whether you’re trying to shed a few pounds or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, here are some great strategies to find a workout buddy.

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