Carb Craving – How To Get Over Them In Less Than 30 Seconds

Carb Craving – How To Get Over Them In Less Than 30 Seconds. Most of the time when we have a carb craving and are trying to lose weight we ignore the craving, take a stimulant like coffee or pills, or binge and go crazy devouring whatever is in site!

I’m going to share something that is a bit shocking to do when you have a carb craving.

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1. Eat some whole grains
2. Eat some fruits and veggies
3. Eat some beans

All of these food groups contain a lot of fiber and nutrients. By eating any of these 3 your carb craving will be eliminated. Now, I know what you may be thinking really? You are telling be to eat any of those 3 food groups and my carb craving will go away? YES! Your body is having a carb craving bc 1. you are depriving it of vital nutrients from skipping meals or eating food that is not nutrient dense like pizza, pasta, or fast food. Or 2. you eating healthy food but aren’t eating enough carbs for your activity level.

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