3 Breast Cancer Gift Basket Ideas for Creative Budgets

Breast cancer gift basket ideas to show your support and care! Find the perfect gift for a loved one battling breast cancer with these creative and affordable gift basket ideas.

To live estrogen-free, you’ve got to toss most pantry items, supplements, skincare, body care, and hair products. It is overwhelming! It’s expensive to replace everything.

It is a HUGE blessing to the husband who is working his booty off and his wife you want to see healed. Get your friend group, work, church group, or extended family to chip in or buy from this list.

3 Breast Cancer Gift Basket Ideas

  1. Kitchen & Pantry
  2. Travel
  3. Bedroom


When I learned about the Estrogen-Free Lifestyle, I purged every room of my house immediately. It took a year to replace items. Looking back, I wish I would have asked for what I needed. But I didn’t ask people for gifts or make a GoFundMe page. Even if your loved one’s love language isn’t gifts like mine, I know that anyone with cancer would appreciate these gifts.

This is cheezy but easy since it’s on Amazon and it’s Whole30 Approved. If your friend or family member isn’t ready for Estrogen-Free Lifestyle and is super overwhelmed. Starting the Whole30 Lifestyle will be an easy start.

#1 Kitchen & Pantry


The kitchen and pantry were the easiest to clean out. When you are on a strict meal plan it makes you feel empowered when so many things are out of your control.

First, 100% of breast cancer grows with estrogen and foods high in phytoestrogen. Read my blog 7-Day Meal Plan for Breast Cancer Patients to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Second, someone with breast cancer can’t drink tap water or have ice cubes because they are made from tap water too. Each city is different. But here in San Diego, a basic frig filter doesn’t get rid of the drugs in the water. So just like you need to eat protein that doesn’t have hormones. You need to make sure your water doesn’t have hormones, either. Take your water bottle and have an extra gallon in the car.

#2 Bedroom


Getting 8-10 hours of sleep each night is critical to healing.

This photo with the chart is from Aleph-Tav Body System, page 388.

Since you spend most a third of your day in bed, use the fabrics that promote healing and increase your body’s energy life field.

Robert and I upgraded our bedding and sleep clothes this past summer. We love it.

Since we work from home next, we’ve been upgrading our work clothes to 100% cotton, 100% linen, or 100% wool.

I read other blogs and they said try it out for 90 days then see if you feel better.

DM me on IG and let me know which breast cancer gift basket ideas you end up picking.

#3 Travel


What are the 7 days to give a breast cancer gift basket?

  1. Birthday
  2. Valentines Day
  3. Easter
  4. Mothers Day
  5. Christmas
  6. Marriage Anniversary
  7. Funny Hashtag Holidays


Healthy breast cancer gift baskets are great for these women:

  • Breast cancer patient
  • Mother of the diagnosed
  • Sister of the diagnosed
  • Women 40 years old


Fear is what overcomes women when they hear the word cancer. There are so many anti-cancer things your can do when you live a healthy lifestyle. You can’t stay stuck in fear! Take our your shield of faith to combat all those firey fear arrows coming your way. The Bible says you were healed 2000 years ago at the cross. That goes for you friend. She was healed 2000 years ago at the cross.

You may not see it in the physical realm right now but I believe you will!

Read this blog, Breaking Free From Decisions Based on Fear

Worst Gifts for Cancer Patients:

  • Anything with fragrance. Candles, lotion, etc.
  • Anything not organic.
  • Meal trains, it’s too hard to explain how to cook Estrogen-Free and Whole30.
  • Togo food – It’s hard to eat out and explain to the waiter everything to leave off the meal.
  • Chocolate, all chocolate at Trader Joe’s has soy. It’s rare to find paleo chocolate bars and anyone who has cancer shouldn’t ever eat sugar since a cancer cell has like 40% more receptors that love sugar.
  • Anything with the breast cancer pink logo – that’s like a graven image attracting the demonic to throw it in the garbage.
  • Instead of donating to those huge multimillion-dollar cancer societies that get a spin class to donate $25 or when a store like Kendra Scott asks to give $25 instead, Venmo someone with cancer directly.


Breast Cancer Gift Basket Organized by Dollar Amount

Gifts under $3000

  • A second opinion trip(s) – I got 4 opinions. This is a great chip-in gift. Flight, hotel, rental car, food. For breast cancer, you have 3 doctors, so sometimes you have to travel twice to 1 location if you can’t book all 3 doctors and labs in 1 week.
  • Relax & Unplug trip – Hawaii or a hotel overlooking the ocean or bay. This is great after they get second opinions or while they are waiting for test results to have a fun distraction.
  • ChiliPad Pro – helps regulate body temp at night so they don’t sweat since this is a hormonal cancer. This also helps to get more restful sleep 8-10 hours so the body can heal.
  • Healing Is Here conference trip.


Gifts Under $1,000

  • Water Purifier – filters birth control (estrogen) in the city tap water
  • EMF home protection – I use EMF Solutions.
  • Air Purifier – hospital grade. Remove mold and myotoxins so your body doesn’t have to work so hard filtering. Austin Air Healthmate Plus is what I use.
  • 100% Organic Linen Sheets – Linoto
  • 100% Organic Cotton GOTS comforter and duvet – White Lotus Home


Gifts Under $500

  • Breast Thermography
  • Qest4 Scan – Robert and I get this quarterly and virtually through Well Being By Design in Medina, Ohio.
  • Glutathione IV bag – best for 24 hours before and immediately after breast MRI and PET scan to detox heavy metals or radioactive materials
  • Vitamin IV and NAD shot or IV bag- before and after traveling or just feeling low on energy
  • Anti-parasite drugs – a double dose of Ivermectin is what my husband and I took daily for 30 days. Then we switched to Fenbendozol cycling.
  • Venmo cash – this was my favorite birthday surprise. I got flowers delivered to my hotel plus $500 to go toward the wellness center I was at for the week.


Gifts Under $100


  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Francense essential oil – I don’t put oils on my body because of estrogen and I don’t diffuse oils since I have an air purifier I run 24/7 at home. But having a nice oil when I travel to anoint and use it alongside the Cleansing Prayer over the hotel room is helpful.


Gifts Under $50

  • Thrive Market membership – lots of organic spices, estrogen-free cleaning products sugar free beef bone broth, and Whole30 options when you need a healthier cheat like a dressing or sauce.
  • 100% Organic Cotton – panties, shorts, nightgown, socks, t-shirts
  • Headphones with the wire – decrease EMF exposure
  • Costco Gas Card
  • Organic coffee beans that were roasted yesterday – most coffee has fungus. Locally I get Cafe Moto.
  • Organic loose leaf tea – loose is best because they aren’t getting the plastic or glue toxins from the tea bags.




Under $250 per month

  • Ancestral ground beef
  • Butcher Box beef (Save $50)
  • House Cleaning every 2 weeks
  • Inner Healing and Deliverance Coach
  • Regular or Lymphatic Drainage Massage


How to make a DIY breast cancer gift basket.

Once you’ve got the cash for the chip in gift, now you can make it beautiful to deliver.

Just use this video for how to make it pretty.

Most items on here are terrible for someone with breast cancer…LOL full of sugar and non-organic!

DM on IG @lizcortesonline

Let me know what you end up giving to your friend or family member. I’m so excited to see your support and care. You are awesome!!!

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