Bread Cravings Aren’t Controlling Me

Ok, let’s get real…I’ve never shared this before but I used to have crazy bread cravings.

My husband would buy Ezekiel bread and I would put my vegan butter on the 2 pieces of toast. Then after I would go make 2 more and sometimes I would go back and get 3rds!

YIKES…this is not a healthy habit and totally does not lead to my goal of losing weight and keeping it off. Bread cravings used to knock me down and sabotage my weight loss success but not anymore.

Watch this video on 3 things I do to not let bread cravings control me anymore.

Bread Cravings Aren’t Controlling Me! 3 things you can do today to being to kick your bread craving habit.

1. Give Into It

YES, I said it! I don’t agree with the Adkins diet where you are depriving yourself of carbs.

Now, if you are like myself then you are gluten sensitive which means having most breads will make you bloat for days and leaving you wishing you didn’t give into your bread cravings. I just went to this amazing sandwich place. Normally, I choose a chicken salad but they had gluten free bread! OMG it was delicious. I hadn’t had a sandwich in so long because most gluten free bread is gross and falls apart but WOW this place was delicious.

I bet you are wondering where I went, huh? Fig Tree Cafe. There are lots of Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free options 🙂 They even have gluten free cinnamon raisin french toast. I didn’t try it but it was VERY tempting. However, if I want to fit into this cute dress then loading up on sugar is not going to allow that to happen! So I chose the chicken sandwich.

2. Pair It With Something Else

Bread and butter just does not cut it! It will leave you wanting more even after you have had 2, 3, or 5 slices! By adding protein and fat to this bread indulgence you will be left satisfied and will not go back for seconds. The protein and fat help you feel full while causing the glycemic load to be lower which means that that bread will not turn into extra fat on your thighs.

You can add almond butter, low-fat cheese, lean protein, or hummus.

3. Check Out What Your Daily Carbohydrate Intake Is

Each week as I meet with new clients I see women not eating enough carbs through out the day. I’m sure you are eating way more than enough at dinner time but what about at breakfast or before your workout. Your body needs carbs to function best. MyFitnessPal is a great place to start. Type in your info then they will give you basic guidelines for how many carbs you need to eat per day. When you are ready to kick it up a knotch then you need someone like myself to design a personalized nutrition program which will cause you to reach your goals much quicker and actually keep the results for good.

Want some more craving tips? Go here now and learn the one thing I did 🙂

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