Alcohol Cravings Avoid Them By Doing This

It has been so warm lately and I’ve been giving into my alcohol craving for white wine. However, if I keep doing this then I will start to gain weight and will not be able to fit into my slim outfits.

I thought that you may be having this same alcohol craving. Another word to focus on is this craving could just be an alcohol habit. I know for myself when I get invited to a dinner party I always bring a bottle of wine. Then when I go to networking events I have a glass of wine. Then when my hubby and I go to dinner I have wine too! I started adding up how many days I am socially drinking and how many calories that is…yikes a ton!

What’s funny is I didn’t have this habit until I moved to San Diego and started dating my hubby. When I was in college I was normally the DD. I did sports, trained for competitions, and the guys that I dated didn’t drink either. It is funny how you pick up habits from the people you hang out with.

Lately, I’ve been hanging out with bikini competitors so I’ve kicked that habit of ordering wine with dinner or while at the pool. I don’t even miss it. If I do have wine I make sure to drink a glass of water before and after I have a glass of wine so that I start to re-hydrate my body.

In this video I share with you a couple more tips that will teach you what to do when you are having an alcohol craving and how to avoid them.

1. Decrease your sugar and caffeine consumption – save having a glass of wine for when you are out with friends. Giving into the craving multiple times a week is not going to aid you in losing weight. By decreasing your sugar and caffeine intake you will be less likely to grab a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th glass of wine.

Think about it…when you drink then most of the time you make poor food choices. I’ve been there too…Robert and I are driving home from a friend’s house then stop for some late night dairy-free nachos!!

Then the next morning you wake up feeling bloated and dehydrated saying next time I will drink a shake if I am hungry at night. But then the following weekend comes again then you repeat the same habit but this time you start the cycle of gaining weight.

If you were like me I encourage you to stop it right now and focus on your BIG vision and goals. Most likely this habit is not what you are committed to. I know for myself my goal is to be pain-free and feel healthy every day.

2. Increase your consumption of nutrient dense foods – If you are skipping meals then you aren’t getting all the nutrient that you need. Also, if you drink a lot of alcohol it is doing major damage to your liver and depleting your nutrients.

I tell my clients that at dinner time they can choose 1 carb. For example if you go to dinner you can choose to have french fries, dessert, or a glass of wine. If you choose all 3 which most people do then you could be eating and drinking an additional 1000 calories in that meal! However, if you chose 1 then you will feel satisfied and won’t feel guilty in the morning. Try it out 🙂

Share with me what your healthy habits around alcohol are down below.

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