I get it. Holding back tears to appear strong.

I Know What It's Like

…to be scared and not be able to feel peace going to doctor’s appointments.

If you’re like me, you’ve been told, “You have breast cancer.” You’ve likely wondered if there was a way to live a long life that helped you no longer make decisions based on fear. I know you want to become a bold woman and it’s wrong with billions of dollars raised; they haven’t shared the cure yet.

At Fitabolize, I get it.

At age 36, I was told, “You have cancer.” From fitness influencer that helped thousands of women find a workout and meal plan, they love to co-founder of a local business marketing agency with my husband in 2015. I resurrected this blog I started in 2009 so that women just like you overcome breast cancer and experience feeling confident with choices.

[Backstory of founder / owner as it relates to customer’s success – or – story of transformation of founder / owner].

I am committed to helping you courageously never give up, even with the physical pain so you can stop feeling scared. The process is simple – read the 7-day meal plan blog post, get encouraged weekly to enjoy a long and satisfying life. Once you read the blog, you’ll have taken the first step to feel empowered with grocery shopping.

I believe God wants you well and you deserve to put yourself first. I help you optimize your body so that you can shift your perspective no matter who you choose for your healing team.

Read the 7-day meal plan blog post so we can get started.