Easy 7 Day Meal Plan for Breast Cancer Patients

During my healing journey from breast cancer, I’ve gotten great results from combining Whole30 and The Estrogen-Free Lifestyle. No supplements, just whole foods! Before I share the easy 7 day meal plan for breast cancer patients, here’s part of my story.

Fitness and nutrition is a passion of mine.

My fitness career of 15 years ended when I closed my business in 2015 to work full-time with my husband at RebelFish Local Marketing Agency.

I have over 20 health and fitness certifications and two degrees from The University of New Mexico, the first in Exercise Science and the second in Nutrition and Dietetics.

This is my personal testimony and a big part of how I got my RGCC test (AKA Greece Test) to become 2.8 CTC / 7.5 cc’s of blood beginning of February 2023. CTC is cancer tumor cells. There are lots of waiting and decisions to make on this journey. This verse helped me to cut out the noise of politics, the news, media, toxic people, and fearful thoughts.

Read my Breaking Free From Decisions Based on Fear blog for more encouragement and strategies.

Philippians 4:8 NIV – Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Yes, I’m a local business strategist and copywriter, but if you want prayer or encouragement, go to my Contact page and write me a message. I’ll add you to my prayer list.


Whole30 Estrogen-Free Lifestyle 7 Day Meal Plan for Breast Cancer Patients

How Did I Discover This Easy 7 Day Meal Plan for Breast Cancer Patients? Show Me The Benefits!

I learned about the Paleo Lifestyle in 2012 when I was challenged to pitch in $100 bucks to do Whole30 with a group of personal trainers and CrossFit athletes. I got my second degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I followed what I learned in school, a low-fat diet, and that’s what I’d peached to the thousands of clients I helped lose weight.

I was terrified of a high-fat diet and gaining weight. But I was motivated to win the $700 and buy new workout clothes!

I won and it was the first time in my life that I experienced zero sugar cravings! Paleo is how I ate most of the time since then, and if tempted by carbs, I’d eat gluten-free. But my body always felt best eating Whole30.

In November of 2021, breast thermography and ultrasound showed a spot to keep an eye on. I bought the book and started following The Estrogen-Free Lifestyle.

Then in April 2022, that’s when I felt the mass. I made a combo meal plan, Whole30 and The Estrogen-Free Lifestyle, while waiting for the biopsy results.

Big EXHALE and drink herbal tea. I know you understand what that feeling was like.

7 Day Meal Plan for Breast Cancer Patients

From experience with my mom, I knew she felt the strongest and most energetic when eating Whole30. She did traditional Western medicine treatments for multiple myeloma and I’d make her Whole30 snacks so she’d avoid the candy, cookies, and sugar drinks the cancer center pushed on all the chemo patients to consume.

I knew if this was cancer, then no sugar was a no-brainer so it was easy to be disciplined during this two-month waiting period between appointments. I was told it wasn’t cancer! Thank you Jesus. But I continued on the same meal plan over the summer because I wanted to be strong for lumpectomy surgery so I could get this growth out of my body and get back on track to having our first child.

September 2022, after a breast MRI the radiologist thought I was misdiagnosed and wanted to repeat the biopsy. The mass had gotten smaller.

I’m so thankful I kept on this meal plan!

At the end of September, I was told it was “invasive ductal carcinoma with mucinous features, it’s estrogen receptor-positive (ER+), progesterone receptor-positive (ER+), and HER2 negative.”

I told my BFF and she asked what she could do to support me besides prayer. I said, “Will you research scientific journals for meal plans? I want to see what’s working for breast cancer. Fasting? Keto? Plant-Based? Or keep doing what I’m doing?”

Locally I couldn’t find an oncologist that had worked with a premenopausal woman with this diagnosis. There weren’t many research studies either. I went to 4 other cancer centers across the US and it was the same, chemo doesn’t typically shrink this type of tumor.

So I knew to experience healing here on earth. It was Team Jesus and me! He’d be my teacher and guide to truth. He’d show me what is best for my body.

With tears of a grateful heart as I type this. He has been there with me every step and will guide you too, whether you follow what I share here and try out my easy 7 day meal plan for breast cancer patients. Or disagree with me 100% and think I’m a quack. Jesus will guide you. Trust Him.

What’s Whole30™️?

In my experience, Whole30 is eating paleo but more strict so that you can figure out your food sensitivities when you reintroduce foods back into your meal plan and find food freedom.

Here is Melissa’s Whole30 Dashboard with a bunch of resources.

Melissa says, “Eat real food.”

She also says, “Avoid for 30 days,” plus extra details here in Program Rules.

  • No added sugar, real or artificial.
  • No alcohol in any form.
  • No grains.
  • No legumes.
  • No dairy.
  • No carrageenan or sulfites.
  • No recreating baked goods, “treats,” or junk food with approved ingredients.
  • No stepping on the scale or taking measurements


I loved this meal plan for my mom; during chemo, radiation, and surgeries she didn’t want to eat. So I’d made a protein power green smoothie. But many days she didn’t want a cold smoothie so I’d give her warm bone broth and made Whole30 meals from this cookbook. Even if she ate half the meal she was getting great food to build up her blood and body.

My mom and I even got to meet Melissa and drove up to Colorado to a book signing event.

I still continue to use that cookbook, but I swap out some ingredients so my meal plan follows The Estrogen-Free Lifestyle too.

Why? Because all breast cancer is caused by too much estrogen. Even if you are told, your type is estrogen receptor-negative.

It drives me crazy. First, the oncologists I met when asked about nutrition said, “Eat whatever you want and they give you sweet treats to munch on when you go into the office for treatment. Second, if you talk to a naturopath or alternative cancer center, they give you a list of anti-cancer foods but for breast cancer, most on that list should be on your NEVER eat list!

What’s The Estrogrn-Free® Lifestyle?

Here is the blog I first learned about what it means to be estrogen-free.

It was a lot of text and explaining so I copied/pasted then made this Google Doc “Become Estrogen-Free” so I could print it off as I went through my pantry, my frig, and bathroom cabinets so it was easier to figure out what to throw in the trash and make my list to replace.

I also brought my San Diego thermography doctor’s book on Amazon, The Breast Thermography Revolution Bootcamp for an Estrogen-Free Life.

To summarize. There are products and foods to avoid that are high in phytoestrogens that when you eat them, smell them, or put them on your skin your body sees these fruits, veggies, nuts, legumes, and grains as estrogen!

Dr Wendy says, “Phytoestrogens are estrogens derived from plants that attach to receptors for estrogen in the breasts.”

That’s No Bueno if you are estrogen-receptor positive.

For men, it’s also No Bueno if your testosterone, your pecks looks like boobs, and you have no libido. You have too much estrogen. There is an increase in men getting breast cancer and this a way you can help your boys, teenagers, or husband avoid estrogen side effects.

She sells little books in her office.

Estrogen-Free Lifestyle 10-Step Guide:

  1. Estrogen in food
  2. The 5 big estrogens (soy, flax…I don’t remember what she said the other 3 are.)
  3. Estrogen in water
  4. Estrogen in drinks
  5. Estrogen in supplements
  6. Estrogen in skincare
  7. Estrogen in period products
  8. Estrogen in soap and laundry
  9. Estrogen in commercial-grade products
  10. Synthetic estrogen


I can’t find that little book online, but this resource Dr. Wendy put together will give clarity on what most of the 10 steps are in more detail.

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed.


verwhelmed with a diagnosis and uncertain of what healing journey to go down.

Overwhelmed with research.

John 8:32 NIV – Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Trust your gut! Trust God. He will lead you to the truth and what is best for your body. He loves you more than anyone else. He didn’t give you cancer. He isn’t angry with you. He wants you well!

I wrote more blogs in these series to encourage you.


Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

A 12 pm to 6 pm eating window is what I started doing in 2020 when my husband read The Diabetes Code.

YouTube has lots of videos and their website that helped me heal my body of PCOS symptoms and lose 30 lbs.

When I was told, “You have breast cancer.” I was scared and overwhelmed with eating phytoestrogen-free so fasting felt easier. However, I’ve learned your body needs foods to build up your blood and immune system.

I have done 36-hour fasting for a couple of weeks and 7-day water fasting only they were amazing and I felt great but for the long term, I find that 12 pm to 6 pm is best for me.

I still have my cycle so from the research studies I’ve seen, most of them are done on men. Men have a 24-hour cycle and women have 28 day ish cycle with their hormones.

I’m open to learning more about fasting and breast cancer stories.

What Are the Best Foods to Eat?

I believe everyone’s body is different. Some foods my husband feels great eating and for me, they make me so bloated. When working with my weight loss personal training clients in m

y early twenties, I’d put them on a paleo meal plan because that worked for me to eliminate sugar cravings and lose weight.

But as the years went by I noticed it didn’t work for everyone. Some people do better with high carb and others with dairy.

So you’ve really got to do your research. Then pick something for 7 days and try it out.

I don’t eat pork or chicken because I haven’t been able to find a company that doesn’t feed their animals no soy or flaxseed. If you have one, let me know and I’ll update this blog!

Some of the following links will give you a discount or something free on your first order. I couldn’t find them for all but saving some money is always a plus!

These are the places I order from:

  • ButcherBox: Big Box grass-fed grass-finished beef 8-week subscription $306
  • Thrive Market: beef talo, beef sticks, Sound bubbly water, Bonafide Provisions frozen beef bone broth
  • Perennial Farms: ancestral ground beef and liver monthly subscription $140
  • TruBeef Organics: beef liver and grass-fed grass-finished beef broth bones
  • OB People’s Co-op: I buy Happy Hen eggs from here. They get deliveries on Thursdays. This is the best I’ve found for eggs. The chickens are fed some high-phytoestrogen foods in their feed.
  • Cafe Moto: anything organic but lately, I’ve loved Blue Sky for my Americano


I eat mostly beef with some veggies and 1-2 fruits daily. I keep it pretty simple with just a little salt. Since this diagnosis, I haven’t used salad dressing, sauces, or squeezed lemon or lime. But it you don’t want to be so strict, Thrive Market has Whole30 sauces and dressings that are amazing! Even with to-go food, my husband adds his own condiments that are healthier from Thrive Market.

Low Phytoestrogen Fruit and Veggie Food List

Here’s a list that Dr. Wendy shares in her book and she gave me the link to save on my iPhone books app so if I was ordering at a restaurant, I could choose a low phytoestrogen food.

Click here to read and download the PDF for free Phytoestrogen Content of Fruits & Vegetables by Gunter G.C. Kuhnle, et.al.

What Are Foods to Avoid If You Have Breast Cancer?

If you Google “breast cancer-fighting foods” or look on YouTube, you’ll see most doctors and health professionals promoting you should eat this list of foods.

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli)
  • Allium vegetables (garlic, onions, leeks)
  • Citrus fruits
  • Berries
  • Peaches, apples, pears, and grapes
  • Fatty fish
  • Fermented foods
  • Beans
  • Herbs and spices (oregano, curcumin, thyme, curry, ginger)
  • Whole grains
  • Walnuts


But when you look up these on Google to see how many phytoestrogens are in them or on this PDF, you’ll see that 99% are high phytoestrogen foods!

There is a difference between eating a meal plan for prevention and eating a meal plan because you are a breast cancer patient.

These are the foods that shocked me when I read that PDF on phytoestrogens:

  • Asparagus 154
  • Dried Apricot 443
  • Green beans 159
  • Kidney beans 132
  • Beansprouts 798
  • Blackberries 221
  • Chickpeas 420 (that’s what’s in hummus)
  • Dried Dates 599
  • Soybeans 17,556
  • Sweet Potato 251


Since I was eating Whole30 and Paleo for so many years, eating beans was a treat a couple of times a year when I’d make my husband Cuban food like his mom would or I if I wanted nachos from the taco shop.

But after seeing this list and having the motivation to avoid a drug with intense side effects, I was motivated to test out this combo meal plan.

What Are Downsides to a Plant-Based Diet?

For breast cancer, especially estrogen receptor-positive, plant-based or making fresh juice is really hard if you are trying to eat from a list of fruits and veggies with less than 10 phytoestrogens.

When I ate vegan, I ate beans and grain like rice or quinoa daily to “make a complete protein” and get all my amino acids. I did raw vegan for a while then would eat a lot of supplements.

I know most people would disagree with me. The average healthy person hears the word cancer and they think juice fast, coffee enemas, and vitamin C IVs.

I was diagnosed at 36, I chose not to go on Tamoxiphin, so eating mainly veggies with less than 10 phytoestrogens is what I did until Jan 2023. Then I changed to foods up to 50 phytoestrogens to see if I still get the same result of the mass not growing and I’ll retest with breast thermography and ultrasound then decide on if I’ll eat foods higher or lower than 50.

The Estrogen-Free Lifestyle can be hard or feel limiting. So I know if it’s too hard, that’s ok; you can take Tamoxiphin and get a similar result.

When I went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC for a consult with a team of 3 cancer doctors, they were researching taking Tamoxiphin pre-surgery to shrink the tumor so they could do a lumpectomy instead of so many mastectomies.

So that was confirmation that if I could shink through being estrogen-free, that was worth it to avoid the side effects of Tamoxiphin.

Foods with less than 10 phytoestrogens:

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Beet
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Clementine
  • Kale
  • Lemon
  • Lettuce
  • Lychees
  • Mandarin
  • Mushroom
  • Orange
  • Papaya
  • Pear
  • Peas
  • Green Pepper (11)
  • Yellow Peper (11)
  • Potato
  • Raddish
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Tomato


I heard healing stories of people who went plant-based for all kinds of cancer or health issues. I was vegan for a couple of years during my twenties. Then I’ve done multiple 60-day juice fasts and I felt amazing to balance my hormones.

I have a good friend who wrote an amazing book called, PlantBased for Profits: How to Eat for Success.

This friend is who encouraged me the most and impacted my life when I first found the mass in April 2022. She shared the book; Cancer Is Not a Disease, It’s a Healing Mechanism.

That’s why even though you may feel overwhelmed, you’ve got to do your research and trust your gut in the meal plan you choose.

I was open and researched everything!

I’m sharing what has worked for me so far so feel well. But something else may work better for you. You’ve got to pick something. Be disciplined and believe in whatever meal plan you pick that it will work!

Easy 7 Day Meal Plan for Breast Cancer Patients and Grocery List

I pray this blog has helped you get some clarity so you feel empowered on your meal plan. Whether it’s keto and low-phytoestrogen veggies. Or Whole30 and The Estrogen-Free Lifestyle. I believe you will figure it out and what’s best for you.

Meal Plan

I love all of Melissa’s Whole30 cookbooks but to make this easy, I picked free recipes from her blog along with what to swap out so you follow low-phytoestrogen foods under 50. Remember you can be more strict like I was for 6 months, staying under 10.

Click HERE to view the Google Doc for the easy 7day meal plan for breast cancer patients.

Here’s what most days look like for me:

6 AM: 20 oz water

8 AM: americano

Sometimes I have a loose-leaf green tea but that’s high phytoestrogen.

Some days I wake up and I’m hungry. So I never force myself to wait to eat till 12 PM. If I’m hungry, then I’ll eat 3 meals that day.

12 PM: 8oz Beef Bone Broth, tallow beef fat, 2 eggs, 1oz liver, a handful of spinach or leafy green, a piece of fruit if I feel like I need the extra energy

I don’t normally snack, but if I need one I’ll have another piece of fruit, cut-up veggies, or have a beef stick.

I put this in my purse if I go to an evening event or party so I have something to snack on. I will also bring my lunch or dinner to a restaurant and order a Peligrino water if I meet a friend. I don’t think this is tacky. Your health and healing is #1! So you can do both. Enjoy your meal plan and time with friends!

5:30 PM: 8oz Beef Bone Broth while I cook or warm up food. Then steak, ground beef, or wild-caught fish and veggies.

I like the 12 PM – 6 PM eating widow and if I’m hungry after dinner I drink more water or eat another portion of the leftovers from dinner.

7:30 PM – I share 1/2 sparkling water in a wine glass with Robert and watch the summer sunset on our balcony.


Grocery list

This grocery shopping list includes what you need to stick with the under 10 phytoestrogen list, but if that seems impossible. Start with the less than 50 list.

I made an organized list of the less than 50 phytoestrogen veggies and fruits on the Grocery Shopping List Google Doc.

I also made two OPTIONS.

  1. Be Flexible Grocery List with <10 Phytoestrogens and a big list to choose from.
  2. Be Bold Grocery List with <10 Phytoestrogens and specific grocery list to go with the easy 7 day meal plan for breast cancer patients

Click Here for the grocery list for the recipes.

Remember, the phytoestrogen list came from a research study. Click Here to view the entire list. If your spouse or a friend is cooking for you, sharing one of these lists with them is helpful.

If something on this list is in season and on sale, enjoy it!

DAILY: To nourish your blood and keep your immune system strong, eat 2-3 eggs, 1oz beef liver, and 1 cup beef bone broth twice daily. I noticed a HUGE difference when I started doing this Jan 2023.

What’s Different About Fitabolize?

At Fitabolize, I know that you want to be a bold woman on this cancer journey. In order to do that, you need to live a long life. The problem is you were diagnosed with breast cancer, which makes you feel scared.

I believe God wants you well.

I understand what it’s like at age 36 not to have kids yet and be told, “You have cancer,” so I resurrected this blog I started in 2009. I went from being a fitness influencer that helped thousands of women find a workout and meal plan they love to co-founder of a local business marketing agency with my husband in 2015. I’m in the messy middle just like you. As I try things out myself, I’ll share on my blog.

Here’s how to Get Started:

  1. Read the Easy 7 Day Meal Plan For Breast Cancer Patients Blog Post (CHECK, you just did this!)
  2. Get Encouraged Weekly
  3. Enjoy a Satisfying and Long Life


So, plan a grocery shopping day to prepare for your Easy 7 Day Meal Plan For Breast Cancer Patients.

And in the meantime, read the other two blogs in this series. So you can stop feeling like a helpless cancer patient and instead become a bold woman confident in whatever approach to healing you choose.
And in the meantime, read the other two blogs in this series. So you can stop feeling like a helpless cancer patient and instead become a bold woman confident in whatever approach to healing you choose.

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